Lab members
Nico and Magda
Richard and Camille
Nicole and Carole
Our work is featured in "Pour la Science"
Les "savanturiers" (France Inter Radio)
Coline is awarded a PhD fellowship
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Camille talks at "Development"
The lab is awarded a Bettencourt Prize
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Camille and Marie in the College de France video (LINK to VIDEO)
The lab joins the FSER
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Camille defended! Congrats Dr. Curantz :)
Camille organises "La Fête de la Science"
Richard defended! Congrats Dr. Bailleul :)
Nico is a laureate of the "Grandes Avancées" prize of the French Science Academy
(LINK to video)
Lab retreat in Brittany
Lab retreat in Brittany
Field work: Falkland islands!
Field work: Falkland islands!
Magda is armed
FameLab Jury
"La tête au carré" (LINK)
Lab "meeting"
The "Alien" talk at MIX-IT
Fête de la Science
Field work: French Alps
Patterned cake
Nico hard at work ;)
#museum #eggs
#museum #eggs
Lab selfie
Magda is on fire
Lab retreat: Paris
Lab retreat: Paris
Samantha gets birds started :)
Richard's BDay